"We’ll be together…Forever."

I drew this for an rp with Ellie that’s still going on…and it turned out to be my 1400’th post as Kaalia. WELP. 

I actually drew the bottom one first, just because I needed to flesh out what a “phyrexianized Kaalia” would look like. Fortunately, Shattered Angel and Chancellor of the Annex provided great references for how angels are “completed”…despite the fact that they really shouldn’t be able to fly when their wings are torn up like that. 

Moltensteel dragon provided the wings for that part though. :) I didn’t even SEE them there until I took a closer look (All that time wondering how it flew…wasted).

I’m not happy that her Sunforger looks more brown than molten rock black, so I’ll have to remember to change that part later on in future doodles. I’m also not happy with how Elspeth turned out in the bottom…I probably should’ve looked up some references for that, but I was trying to bang this out as quickly as possible. ^^;

Also…am I the only one who think Kaalia in the top one looks like she could be in Team Aqua if her hoody was colored blue, cuz’ it looks like a bandanna to me.